Thursday, 22 December 2011

everything you touch

seriously can't wait to go home for new years eve. i am dressing up as a fairy and seeing all my friends who i miss so very much. i haven't been to a proper party in months and i'm so looking forward to being able to dance and have fun! but before then i have to get through christmas shopping, mounds of work and way too many family drinks parties with relatives.

Sunday, 11 December 2011


Today I ate too much and watched The Dreamers.

I'm in such an inbetweeny phase at the moment. This blog must seem like a compilation of my many complaints, but I wish I knew what I wanted. I don't even need to know where I'm going, but just where I'd like to go.

Monday, 5 December 2011

I feel like things shouldn't be as hard as they feel at the moment. Maybe it's just the Winter... everything seems wrong.

Sunday, 4 December 2011


i hate all of my clothes. oh man. here's some clothes i do like.

wish i could just wear this forever...


I want to live in an all-white apartment and grow my hair really, really long. I don't want to write any more essays or think about my artwork at all.

for the camera

putting off coursework. my cousin came to visit me yesterday which was nice. we stayed up late talking and drinking wine. this afternoon I was supposed to be seeing My Week with Marilyn but I had way too much work to do (silly me). it would be fun if you guys commented here more, I like hearing from you.
also it's probably kind of weird how much I like amanda norgaard. sorry...

Friday, 2 December 2011

I really want to do something fun, new and exciting at the moment. I'm going a bit crazy living with just my mum and my incredibly grouchy little sister. I'm always wishing I was younger until I remember that that would entail living at home and going to school for even longer.
this blog now has 222 followers! that's pretty exciting to me, haha. I was just going through some photo folders on my laptop (I have about 8 themed folders with stupid names like 'dollypeg' where I save photos which fit the mood I'm in) and it's so funny how much my tastes have changed. anyway, I have a really busy weekend ahead of me. I am currently writing my film coursework, tomorrow my family is all coming over for lunch, then my cousin is sleeping over (I haven't seen her in over a year), then on sunday I'm going to southampton with a friend to see my week with marilyn. in between all of that I have to make history notes for a chapter, write a literature essay and produce a large amount of artwork. phew.